Interview with Michael Iachini on the Strebeck Law blog

This week I was interviewed by Zack Strebeck for his legal blog. He was interested in talking about the legal aspects of running a game company, including:

  • Why and how I set up an LLC for my game company (more on this here)
  • How I decided to go with Creative Commons photos for Otters
  • Contracts with illustrators and graphic designers
  • Contracts with publishers (Game Salute published my first game, Chaos & Alchemy)
  • General stuff about the experience of being a small publisher

Go have a look!


Part 1 of the interview

Part 2 of the interview

Michael Iachini

@ClayCrucible on Twitter

2 thoughts on “Interview with Michael Iachini on the Strebeck Law blog

  1. We LOVE that game. Actually, I think we own every Catan Game, even Kids Of Catan (which I turned into a coaitroepve game instead of a competitive game) of if you never need a card translated / explained, just fire me an email or a FB message and I would be happy to help!Emily recently posted..

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